My Top 10 Book Series I Would Like to Read But Haven’t Yet

This is another Top 10 list idea from the blog The Broke and the Bookish. I’m just going to say that the first four are ones that I recently decided I might want to read, whereas most of the others I have been considering reading for a while (#5 being the exception, and #1 is actually is kind of recent, but not as recent as the others). Anyhow, it’s hard to decide to delve into a series when you’re sort of particular about what stories you want to dedicate your time to. So if you have any experience with any of these series, please feel free to weigh in with your opinion of them!

#10: The Lunar Chronicles


A retelling of Cinderella set in a dystopia world… and where Cinderella is a Cyborg. I can’t quite decide what to make of this, but it’s gotten a lot of buzz so if I have a chance to borrow it for free… we’ll see.

#9: Under The Never Sky series


I have mixed feelings about how I feel about the sound of this particular dystopia world, but I noticed the first book is available as an e-book through my library (my fave way to try out books) and I’ve heard a lot of good things about it in the blog sphere, so I may give it  a try.

#8: Percy Jackson & the Olympians


I know very little about this series; I haven’t even see the movie for the first book. But there is a lot of love for this series and I think for the characters as well. For me, the plot can be about almost anything as long as I love the characters, so who cares if I’m not really into Greek mythology? I still liked Thor.

#7: The Uglies series


The first time I heard about this series, I was on the Wikipedia page for an episode of The Twilight Zone that I enjoy called “Number 12 Looks Just Like You.” It is set in a future where everyone in society, once they reach a certain age, must undergo a “transformation,” that will keep them looking young and beautiful for the rest of their life. Apparently, this series has a similar concept. I want to know more before I dive into it, but it sounds interesting.

#6: The Harry Potter series


Yes, I know, I know. I haven’t read the Harry Potter series. Where have I been living, under a rock? I even grew up at the ideal time to really grow up with the books as they released. But I was never really all that interested. In fact, the plot still doesn’t interest me. I haven’t even seen the movies (except about 30 minutes of the first one.) But again, it seems like this is a series of books where people fall in love with the characters and get emotionally invested in them. So for that reason, I think I may finally have to check this series out sometime.

#5: Across the Universe series


So the main character’s name is Amy, she was cryogenically frozen, and now she lives on a star ship. It’s like I’m a character on Star Trek! Hopefully… Anyhow, this is a series I just recently learned about, and I have to say my interest is piqued.

#4: The Left Behind series


Well, I bet this pick threw you for a loop after all those young adult dystopia choices. I have read most of the series… I got through either Desecration of The Remnant the first time I believe. I started reading these books in sixth grade if memory serves, when only the first two books were out. I then read them as they came out. But at some point in high school, I got busy and pretty much stopped reading for fun, so I stopped short of finishing the series. I tried reading them again when I was unemployed, but it came to a halt when my husband didn’t have the next book, neither of our parents did (or at least not that they could find), nor the church library. In my laziness I never sought out another copy of it, and once again did not finish it. But one day, I want to make it all the way to the Glorious Appearing. In the books. Pretty sure I don’t want to go through that in real life (not as someone who lived through the Tribulation, I mean).

#3: The Lord of the Rings


I want to read The Lord of the Rings, but I’m intimidated by the series. I’m afraid I’ll get all mixed up with the who’s and the where’s. And they don’t exactly seem to be quick reads. But one day, I really do want to read them.

#2: The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy


Every time I see the pretty cover Barnes and Noble version (not the one pictured), I think about buying it. And then my cheap side takes over. The movie is so wonderfully quirky in all the right ways, and from what I understand that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  I definitely intend to get around to reading these stories one day.

#1: The Ender’s Game series


Even though I’m not sure if I’ll read just the first book or the entire series, I put Ender’s Game at number one because I do intend to read the first book this year. It sounds like an intriguing concept, plus it is a bit more classic in terms of YA dystopia and has stood the test of time, so I’m really curious to check it out.

What are some series you want to read but haven’t gotten around to yet? And while we’re on the topic of Left Behind, who should star in the Nic Cage version of the movie? (Let’s disregard that this is probably a terrible idea.) I think Justin Bartha, who played alongside Nic Cage in National Treasure as everyone’s favorite Riley Poole, would make an excellent Buck Williams.

3 thoughts on “My Top 10 Book Series I Would Like to Read But Haven’t Yet

  1. Harry Potter and LOTR are obvious must-reads. I also really, really liked The Lunar Chronicles and Under the Never Sky. The Uglies series is pretty good as well. I’ve tried to read ENDER’S GAME several times and just can’t do it, so I would NOT recommend that one, although TONS of people love it.

    Glad to have found you via TTT!

  2. Don’t miss Harry Potter and LOTR. I read LOTR the summer after the first movie came out, and I loved them all, but sometimes I think having seen the movie first helped me keep a lot of the characters straight. I read the first book in the Uglies series and just wasn’t quite as wowed as everybody else seems to be, likewise with the first book in the Left Behind series. The premise of the Left Behind series is fascinating, but I was kinda disappointed by the execution.

    • Since I read Left Behind for the first time when I was so young, I wasn’t reading it the same way I would read it now. When I started it for the second time just a couple of years ago, I didn’t think it was as good as I had remembered, but since I liked the characters I enjoyed revisiting and re-reading them.

      I’m getting the memo to definitely read Harry Potter and LOTR! 🙂

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