Weekend Book Find

I have to say, in the short, not-even-two months I have started this blog, I have already connected with several blogs/bloggers who enjoy books similar to my tastes and they have already made a major impact on my TBR list. Two months ago, I had never heard of Beth Revis’ Across the Universe, and now, it’s like I have to read it. So imagine my excitement when this weekend I spotted a copy of it at a book outlet for a great deal:

atubookphotoSo since it is now in my possession, it will probably be my next read after Ender’s Game unless the library e-book version of Through The Never Sky (which I also did not know anything about two months ago) that I put a reservation in for becomes available before then, but that seems a little unlikely. And then if I like this first book, I’ll worry about getting the next two books later. But I was excited because I love a good deal! Anybody else score a good book deal lately, or just finally got a book you’ve been wanting?

5 thoughts on “Weekend Book Find

  1. That is so funny!! I just read Across the Universe (and loved it), and I just finished Under the Never Sky a few day ago and am currently hunting down Through the Ever Night because NO ONE has it in stock!!! Also, I just got Ender’s Game as a gift and that’s next on my TBR. Small world in the lad of book lovers huh?

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