The Top 5 Movies JGL Should Star In

Who’s JGL, you ask? Why none other Mr. Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

jgl2I have enjoyed seeing Joseph Gordon-Levitt starring in a few movies over the past couple of years, and I think he’s growing to become one of my favorite actors. The idea for this list birthed when my husband looked at me and asked, “Why didn’t they cast Joseph Gordon-Levitt for that role instead of Tobey Maguire? I would be a lot more interested in The Great Gatsby if he was in it instead.” To which I was like, “Uh, YEAH.” Sorry Tobey, but after Spider-man 3, it’s a little hard to take you seriously. Especially when you’re acting opposite the amazing Leonardo DiCaprio. And how does JGL hold up against Leo?


Come on, have you seen Inception?! (If not, stop reading this and buy it and watch it NOW.) So The Great Gatsby will appear on this list, along with four other movies (which may or may not actually exist) that I think would be perfect for Joseph Gordon-Levitt to star in.

#5: Left Behind, as Buck Williams

I have mentioned before my thoughts on Nic Cage rebooting Left Behind, as well as the casting choices made for Buck and Chloe. So if I could change  things, I would cast JGL as Buck. He’s the right age and I think he has the right look. And he’s definitely a better choice than Chad Michael Murray. (Now to recast Chloe…)


#4: The Great Gatsby, as Nick Carraway

As mentioned above. Just imagine him in this trailer:

Wouldn’t it be so much better?

#3:  A Modern Day Adaptation of a Jane Austen Story, as either Frank in Emma or Darcy in Pride and Prejudice

OK, so after The Lizzie Bennett Diaries, I decided that there needs to be modern-adaptation movies for every Austen story. I know there’s a lot out there for Pride and Prejudice already, and maybe for the others too, but I want something more a la LBD (though not in vlog format), which felt very true to the story. So my two thoughts for JGL in one of these films is either as Mr. Darcy, who starts off as aloof and awkward at first until he eases up and falls in love:

darcysOr Frank Churchill in Emma, who is at first charming and mysterious, but turns out to be slightly deceitful:


Oh, this was not Ewan McGregor’s best look…

Who would you prefer to see him as? Even though he looks more like Darcy, I think I’d like to see him as Frank…

#2: A Star Trek: Deep Space Nine movie reboot, as Dr. Julian Bashir


I have more casting and story ideas where this came from. But we’ll save those for another post. But it would be the bomb if JGL starred as Dr. Bashir in Deep Space Nine movie reboot. (First, we need to make this movie happen…)

#1: A Nightwing follow-up to The Dark Knight Trilogy, as John Blake/Robin/Nightwing 

But could it pretty please be coming one day?

But could it pretty please be coming one day?

These wishes are described in detail in an earlier post.

What movie (whether it has actually been produced or not) would you like to see JGL in?

6 thoughts on “The Top 5 Movies JGL Should Star In

  1. Oooooh, you make some excellent points here! I would be MUCH more interested in the Great Gatsby movie if it were JGL instead of Tobey Maguire. And I can pretty much guarantee that Bashir would be SO much less annoying if he were playing by JGL instead. GREAT IDEAS on this blog!

    • Aww, I hope you grow to like Bashir as he matures throughout DS9. He’s my favorite character on the show. Most people do find him annoying at first but think he gets better, but I actually liked him from the start.

  2. Ok hi. I am about 4 months behind on commenting schedule (if that even exists) HAHA! But this post is so cool! I love JGL 🙂 I agree with your picks too– I’d really wanna see him star in a classic adaptation, especially a Jane Austen one since she is by far my favorite classical author. I really think he’s better suited to play Darcy, and even Nick Carraway, though I didn’t really like that movie. I actually don’t think any sort of visual adaptation of that can do the book justice, since it was the internal monologue that I loved the best. But still! And yeah, totally agree with that humongous Nightwing picture. The “probably not” next to the coming soon is real unfortunate 😦

    • Ha ha, that’s OK, I’m always happy to get comments, no matter when the post is from! Glad you enjoyed it! Now they are talking about doing more Batman with the new Superman, so maybe they’ll get JGL to step into Christian Bale’s role? I guess we’ll see!

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