Babies Deserve Good Books Too

So I was browsing Books-A-Million today and saw these:

babylitAnd I was like…

lydiawhatAnd then I was like…

totesadorbsBut seriously…

This is a collection called Baby Lit Books, and they are board books designed for little ones that present classic literature for young audiences, such as the numbers of Pride and Prejudice (like 2 rich gentlemen), the opposites of Sense and Sensibility (Happy Willoughby, Sad Brandon), and the colors of Alice in Wonderland:

babylit-insidealiceI was extremely tempted to get one for my friend’s little girl, who will be turning one next Saturday (and I’m attending the b’day party), but I don’t know… $9.99 seems a little steep for one of these small books, no matter how adorable they are, especially since we have been encouraged to not bring gifts. They are available at Amazon for a dollar less, ha ha…

Anybody else seen these? What do you think about them? Should I get one for Baby R. anyway? 🙂

7 thoughts on “Babies Deserve Good Books Too

  1. I haven’t seen these, but they are definitely adorable! I can’t see myself dishing $10 for one but if they were cheaper I wouldn’t mind even buying one for myself. I would totally invite my friends over and be like “Oh, I’ve been working my way through Pride and Prejudice. Look at these two rich gentlemen!” Hahahaa… 😛

    • I know! If they were like $5 or less I would have definitely bought at least one, maybe two! It would be funny to see your friends’ faces when you showed them the baby version of Pride and Prejudice, ha ha.

  2. I LOVE THESE! Ah. I need to have a baby just to get these books. Maybe I’ll just buy them now and save them and not light my uterus on fire. : ) YAY THANKS!

    • Several times I see books I want to buy my future children, but they usually seem to be geared towards boys or girls, so then I think, “Well what if I buy this book but never have a boy?” or “What if I buy this book but never have a girl?” So I’m just trying to remember all the ones I like for the future!

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