Weekend Blog Update

I don’t normally do this, but I wanted to give everyone a head’s up for some of the upcoming posts on the blog here, with a special emphasis on one in particular. First off, while I generally try to follow the schedule of blogging every other day, this week I will be posting three days in a row on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday! Here’s what you have to (hopefully) look forward to:

Tuesday: My Top Ten Movie Adaptations 

This was a hard list to compile, as there are so many books-to-movies I love, but of course I have been sharing some, and will continue to do so, on Wednesdays with Awesome Adaptations. But for this list I reserved my absolute favorites, and while many of these books and movies have been discussed on this blog before, I think it’s a nice range of genres.

Wednesday: An Awesome Non-Fiction Adaptation

Here’s a hint: Wednesday’s post will be about a movie featured on the previous day’s Top 10 list, and I will delve deeper into the differences between the book and movie (complete with book quotes and a scene from the movie!).

Thursday: Choosing the Losing Love Triangle “Team” 

This was the post I really wanted to highlight, as it is a part of a larger event taking place. 

A Novel Idea is hosting Love Triangles 101, a fun discussion event all about the dreaded (or desired?) love triangle we find frequently in stories, particularly in young adult books! I will be discussing the woes of choosing the losing team, but be sure to check out the other bloggers involved in the event as well (click on picture for event schedule). I’ll be sharing the day with one of my favorite bloggers, Asti from A Bookish Heart, so definitely be sure to check out her post on the same day! Other posts I am looking forward to: Signs You’re in a Love Triangle, Love Triangles from Literature to Film, and Love Triangles in Jane Austen. 

Next Weekend: Star Trek 101?

After all this, I will probably be taking a break until Saturday or Sunday, and by then I hope to be ready for my Star Trek post! This is actually for all you non-Trekkies who feel uncertain about the series. As some of you know, I am a big fan of the series, but this only came about in the last few years after I married my husband. Though he introduced me to some Trek while we were dating (namely The Original Series), he waited until we were married to expose me to the vast majority of it. We would have watched more while dating, but after watching the first few episodes of The Next Generation I said NO WAY. It was just not good in the beginning! I’m no glad he made me give it a second chance because the show grew and developed, and not only did I come to love that particular incarnation of Star Trek, but the subsequent series of Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise as well. (Oh, and we did watch the animated series as well but… no comment.) And of course there are the movies, most of which I have a love-hate (or just hate-hate) relationship with, but more on that later. 

In order to help prepare me for this particular post, I would love to know from Trekkies, what episodes of Star Trek would you recommend to someone who has never seen the show? And to the non-Trekkies, what are some of your conceptions or ideas of Star Trek? If you’re not interested in the show, why not? Be honest, and this should help me pick episodes that would be the right fit to ease your ideas and help you realize that it’s actually awesome! 

10 thoughts on “Weekend Blog Update

    • Of course! This is my first event like this to participate in and I’m excited to see everyone’s posts! And high five for Trek fans! Let me know if you think of any episode recommendations I should include in my post!

  1. Oooh three posts in a row! How exciting! But really, I figured you couldn’t pass up the movie TTT and of course you’ve been doing the Wednesday Adaptations every week. And of course, so glad you’re participating in Love Triangles 101 (even sharing a day with me)! I’ll be looking forward to your post, because I’m definitely usually one of those people who always chooses the losing team. Lame.

    And in regards to Star Trek, I’m a non-Trekkie. Why? Honestly, it’s always just looked incredibly cheesy to me. I love Star Wars with it’s action, humor, and just general environment, but I could never get into Star Trek. Maybe because there are so many people? They look funny? I have no idea! I just don’t think I’ve ever survived a single episode – so this post might do me some good!

    • It’s definitely not fun to be on the losing team! And thanks for the response to your thoughts on Start Trek! I look forward to proving you wrong! 😉

  2. It sounds like you have a good lineup coming this week! I’m still trying to figure out something to post at least most of the days, but not keep myself to a schedule. Don’t want to get worn out too quickly. 😀 I don’t comment on the movie posts very often but I do enjoy reading your take on them, especially when they’re book adaptations.

    I’m really looking forward to reading all the posts in the Love Triangles 101 event. I haven’t read many books with love triangles in them and I don’t know if that’s because of the genres I mainly read or if I subconsciously avoid them. It’s not necessarily that they irritate me (although the girl in the middle usually *does* irritate me for not picking the guy I’m rooting for) but they are pretty frustrating at times. 🙂 Some of those characters need some sense knocked into them. But I guess if they made good decisions all the time they wouldn’t be very realistic! Haha.

    Oh oh oh and I’m so glad you’re doing a Star Trek 101 post! I think everyone will love it – there seem to be such a mix of fans and non-fans (I’m one of the non) so I bet everyone will get some enjoyment out of it.

    • Some weeks I wing it, and some I have planned out, it just depends on the meme topics for the week or if I’m feeling particularly inspired! And glad to know that as a non-fan, you’re still looking forward to my Star Trek post! I’m getting excited about it as I continue to brainstorm!

  3. Love Triangles 101 event seems like such a fun event.

    As a kid I used to watch quite a lot of Star Trek The Next Generation…but really I can’t remember anything of it, I was just to young.

    Like Asti, I’m more into Star Wars. Star Trek does look a little more cheesy. I think it’s because they’re TV series they don’t have the budget. Star Wars to me had better costumes, set, music and they were just soo epic. Plus…Star Trek had like 5 different series (is it 5 or more) which should one start with? It’s harder to get into. Of course the recent movies make it a little more accessible.

    • Five live action series, but technically six with the animated series, which doesn’t offer much. I do think the JJ movies are a good starting point, but you’re right, how do you know where to start after that? I’ll cover that in my post! 🙂

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