Top 10 Words/Topics That Will Make Me NOT Pick up a Book

This week’s Top 10 Tuesday topic (hosted by The Broke and the Bookish) is the top 10 words/topics that will make me not pick up a book. Click here for my top 10/words topics that will make me pick up a book. (This week’s list in no particular order.)

1. Paranormal Romance, 2. Vampires, 3. Werewovles, 4. Zombies, & 5. Horror

The first five are all pretty much related, so I thought I would explain it all at once. They just don’t appeal to me. You’re not going to find me in this section of Barnes and Noble. Zombies, werewolves, vampires… I found them kind of gross. And they’re definitely not appealing in any sort of romantic way. I also really don’t like anything scary, so that also doesn’t help with my feelings of the paranormal creatures. So if any of the above are involved, I keep walking by.

6. Gardening


I mean this in a non-fiction sense, not that The Secret Garden turns me off. I have a black thumb, I don’t find working with plants enjoyable, so needless to say, you’ll never find me with a book about gardening.

7. Westerns

I’m not saying it would be absolutely outside the realm of possibility for me to read a Western, but it does seem pretty unlikely. I’ve seen a few Western movies, and they didn’t do a whole lot for me.

8. Philosophy


Just the thought of reading philosophy makes my head hurt. Pass…

9. New Adult

I like the idea of reading books about college students/people in their early twenties, but I don’t like the idea of this New Adult movement that seems to just focus on sex and on being edgy in general. It’s something that I personally just don’t want to read about. Plus, covers with couples kissing almost always get a pass from me for whatever reason. I like romantic sub-plots, but I don’t typically read books where romance is the main focus.

10. Poetry


I’m not saying I would never pick up a book of poetry, but I am not going to wander into the poetry section of a bookstore and browse just for fun. I like poems sometimes, especially more unique and funny ones, but I’m not a huge fan of the genre in general, not for any fault of its own, it’s just not my taste.

What words/topics deter you from a book? 

29 thoughts on “Top 10 Words/Topics That Will Make Me NOT Pick up a Book

  1. Romance, Western, Horror, Paranormal

    Generally a couple of ghost cowboys who terrorize a small 1800’s town as they look for the soul of their true love probably isn’t going to do it for me.

    (Fun exercise combining all the genres into one story.)

  2. My list didn’t include anything non-fiction topics cause they will likely take up the most places, I too don’t like gardening or philosophy or politics. Neither do I find westerns and new adult appealing. As for poetry, I take in small dosages…I’ve never pick up a whole book of them…yet at least.

    # 1,2,3,4,5… do appeal to me. But not when romance is the central plot in them.

  3. New Adult showed up on my list as well – for the same reasons you listed. Horror should have been on my list because I can’t even watch the previews for scary movies. I don’t do Westerns either – my grandad loves them. And I’m with you gardening. My husband and I put our house literally in the middle of a field – no trees, no nothing – three years ago. We finally put in a few bushes and trees this year, but I hired someone because I just don’t enjoy yard work at all. My husband wants to grow a garden next year though, so we’ll see!

  4. Oh man. Yes to: paranormal romance, vampires, werewolves, new adult, and westerns! Blah. Boring!! I guess I’m not that interested in gardening either, but I don’t think I would steer away from a gardening book like… on purpose?

    Philosophy and poetry do interest me to a degree, but I’m with you. I usually won’t pick up a book dedicated to either.

    • I wouldn’t mind some philosophy mingled into a story, but I’m definitely not seeking out anything that is all about that. I know gardening is random on my list, but it seems like more people are getting into it and I just can’t.

    • Yeah, I understand the people on covers thing. I don’t mind if it’s like a body with the head cut off from the frame or a profile or a distant shot, but something about seeing them face to face and knowing it’s a model it a definitely a little eh…

  5. Gardening books are totally not my thing. I stay far, far, far away from my garden because I’m deadly afraid of all kinds of bugs. 😛
    Westerns and philosophy books will also bore me to death.
    Great list! 😀

    My TTT

    • Ha ha, I know gardening is the most random thing on here, I have no idea why it sprang to mind! But yes, I will probably never touch a book about gardening!

  6. Oh great list, some are the same as mine, and some I definitely didn’t think about before! I’m with you on the gardening! I definitely wouldn’t read a book about it and I have no interest in ever trying to garden. And philosophy?! EEK! Should’ve thought about that one when writing my list.

    It’s funny because while werewolves and vampires made my list, zombies didn’t. I don’t know why zombies are different for me, but they hold greater appeal than werewolves and vampires for me. Maybe because of Twilight? I have no idea!

    • That’s interesting that you categorize vampires differently, but I suppose if you have read something with vampires that you liked then it’s makes sense. I was afraid my first few picks were going to be really controversial, but I have been surprised to see how many other people feel the same way!

  7. I pretty much agree with your list 100%, though I’m slowly warming up to poetry and philosophy and actually just read a Western comic book. I still can’t believe that the top 5 actually now have their own section at Barnes & Noble…

  8. I agree with so many of these!
    I haven’t heard the term “New Adult” and yet I know what you speak of. I too avoid them.
    I will read a book that contains vampire/zombies/werewolves/aliens, but only if they are in the cheesy, not scary way they all seem to be portrayed these days. I am never a big fan of them, though.

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