Book Superlatives

Jamie at the Perpetual Page-Turner created a fun “Senior Superlatives” style survey about characters and books. I wanted to play along, but decided just to fill out the superlatives for the books. Join in on the fun and fill free to post this on your blog as well!

bookish-surveyMost Likely to Make You Cry

Dares to be Different

Best Dressed

Most Likely to Make You Swoon

Loveliest Prose


Most Likely to be a Favorite of 2013

Most Likely to Change the World

Book You Are Most Likely to Keep Putting Off

Most Likely to End Up as Christmas Gifts for Everyone You Know


Most Likely to be Thrown

Most Likely to be Reread More Than Once


Most Likely to Make You Read Through an Earthquake Because it’s THAT Engrossing

Most Likely to be Passed On to Your Children

Most Likely to Break Your Heart Into a Million Pieces

Most Likely to Brighten Up Your Day


What books do you think deserve a superlative?Β 

12 thoughts on “Book Superlatives

  1. I have time for Les Mis! Although that’s because it’s required reading at my school. Otherwise, I stick to the adaptation (which I loved). And why are you throwing The Death Cure? D: I didn’t like it as much as the previous books, but I liked it well enough πŸ™‚ Oh well, it’s not for everyone XD And I have to read For Darkness Shows The Stars. You seem to love it so much ! πŸ™‚ Great post Amy~

    • It’s easier to make time for required reading, for sure! The Death Cure… Ugh! That ending was awful! I didn’t really like any part of the series that much, but I thought there would be a pay-off for it. Nope. For Darkness Shows the Stars starts off slow, but I di love the story.

  2. Awww, I love these survey things! Of course I agree about The Book Thief and The Hunger Games! I haven’t read Finding Alice, but now you have me intrigued. πŸ™‚

    • It’s about a girl with schizophrenia and an old favorite of mine. It is written by a Christian author so there is some of that in there, which I only mention since I know some don’t want to be blindsided by that, but I don’t remember it being heavy with that.

  3. I think Cinder will make a great gift. I struggled with books that will change thew world. That was a lot of pressure. I like your pick, I have been wanting to read Start.
    Awesome list!

    • I got lazy with this post and didn’t bother with any explanations, but “everyone on my list” really only applied to two people on my list, but they’re a couple of high schoolers who enjoy reading and I think would love Cinder! And yeah, I felt I needed to go non-fiction with a book that can change the world!

  4. Ah I want to do this survey! I don’t know when I can work it in, but it’s really great to see your choices! I love that there are some classics in the list! πŸ™‚

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