Coming Up…

Guys, I had just about the best weekend that I’ve had in quite some time. My husband, two of our friends (two guys, so I hung out with three men this weekend), and I attended the Nashville Star Trek convention this weekend and it was so much fun! I know some of you aren’t into Star Trek, but seriously, you would not believe just how hilarious some of the actors truly are. And some of them so genuinely kind and gracious to their fans. Like Dominic Keating from Enterprise, who I am pretty sure everyone in our group wished we could become BFFs with.

dominic“The Ferengis,” the actors who played Rom and Nog on Deep Space Nine showed up in full-blown character and made me laugh until my face hurt…

ferangiAnd then after both talked individually, we later got the unexpected duo of Garrett Wang from Voyager and Terry Ferrell from Deep Space Nine talking together, and they also made me laugh a ton.

garrett&terryAnd that was just some of the fun! I’ll do a post with more details of the convention soon, so if you’re a Trek fan, be sure to stay tuned for that! I also plan to do Awesome Adaptations this Wednesday and a post on Persuasion soon (I don’t think it’s going to quite be a review…), seeing as I finished it over a week ago. As I mentioned last week, this month is crazy busy for me, so I will be falling off the radar from time to time. But honestly, being somewhat off the grid felt really good this weekend… though not so good when I came back and found so many unread blog posts! But seriously, I adore the Star Trek community. Eternal thanks to my husband for getting me into the show!

13 thoughts on “Coming Up…

  1. Sounds like a blast! Over at our blog we’ve decided September is science fiction month (or Sci-fi-tember, as we’re calling it). Seems like you’re in the proper spirit, too! 😉 Looking forward to the convention details!

    • I saw that! There’s another blogger who is actually doing a sci-fi event in November that I will be participating in, but of course I talk about it from time to time anyway! 🙂

    • It was a lot of fun; we enjoyed it this year more than last year even though we had been more excited about last year’s lineup. You should check out the Creation Entertainment website for details about future conventions; they have a few throughout the country. The biggest one is in Vegas every year; I hope to make it to that one one day!

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