Guest Post!

Hey everyone! Sorry once again for my absence around the blogsphere as my September continues to be busy! I just wanted to let everyone know, in case you need a fix of me (hmmm… that sounds kind of wrong…) that you can check out my guest blog post today on Asti’s blog, A Bookish Heart! It’s about why “older” adults read young young adult books. Hope you enjoy!

Recently I attended a writing conference and finished watching Fringe season three, so I should be posting about those when I have the chance! And of course I’ll give you part two of my experience at the Star Trek convention in Nashville! Also when I have the chance, I’ll get back to the books with a double review of What’s Left of Me and Once We Were, both by Kat Zhang (I actually haven’t finished the second book yet due to busyness, but I should soon). Stay tuned!


Because his name is September, and he’s staying tuned.

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