Favorite Christmas Scenes in Non-Christmas Movies

Recently I talked about my struggle with Christmas movies, but how there are some “Christmas” movies I enjoy that take place during the holidays, but aren’t really Christmas movies, since they really take place over a much larger portion of time. Here are four movies with Christmas scenes I really enjoy…

While You Were Sleeping

While You Were Sleeping is, for me, the standard for all chick flicks, which means I’m not generally a fan of chick flicks, because this one is just so much better! For the uninitiated, due to a misunderstanding, Lucy (played by Sandra Bullock) finds herself being accepted into the family as the fiance of the man whose life she saved but is asleep in a coma. This happens on Christmas and she ends up spending the holidays with them. I love this scene especially where the family has this funny conversation at dinner that is quirky, yet also feels like it could happen around a number of dinner tables.

Little Women

You all know my love for Little Women, and Christmas comes up a few times throughout the movie. I particularly like the Christmas scene when the girls’ father comes home from the war, but this is also a nice scene where Beth gets a piano for Christmas. Times have been tough for the March family during the war, as we see from the first few minutes of the movie, but Beth is not one to complain. She’s been sick and so when the March family’s next door neighbor, Mr. Lawrence, gives her this piano, it’s just a sweet moment.

Catch Me If You Can

Christmas also plays a fairly significant role in the movie Catch Me If You Can, as Frank Abagnale always seems to talking Hanratty, the FBI agent pursuing him, on Christmas day. (Side note: this is just a motif for the movie and not part of the real life story, but it’s one I enjoy.) This scene in particular is a stand-out for me because every time I hear this song, I think of Frank in the snow, outside his mother’s house.


Out of all these movies, Christmas plays the least significant role in Emma, but I enjoy the scene of Emma and her friends and family at a Christmas party. She tries to listen in on a story about the mysterious Frank Churchill, but is constantly being interrupted by Mr. Elton. Then after the party, we have this fateful scene of Mr. Elton confessing his love for Emma and her rejecting him. By the way, do you think Senator Elton on Emma Approved will make known his feelings towards Emma during a Christmas party?

What’s your favorite Christmas scene from a non-Christmas movie?


12 thoughts on “Favorite Christmas Scenes in Non-Christmas Movies

  1. While You Were Sleeping! That’s in my top 5 favorite movies, I think. Although we label WYWS as a Christmas movie (but watch it all-year-round) and sometimes label Little Women as such too. And EMMA! I love that movie too. Great clips 🙂 “Caesar Romaro was tall…”

    • Yeah, I’ve heard people label Little Women as a Christmas movie. In a way it is, but to keep it simple, I’m just labeling blatant Christmas movies to be Christmas movies. WYWS is probably in my top 5 favorite movies too, or at least in the top 10! I love it!

  2. Okay, sadly, I’ve only seen one of these movies: Catch Me If You Can — but I love that movie! I forgot about that Christmas scene, but you’re right, it’s such a good one. 🙂

  3. Great choices! The scene in Catch Me If You Can is so poignant, but I honestly didn’t remember it was a Christmas scene until I read your list. My favorite Christmas scene would probably be the only in Auntie Mame (1958), which has shows some comical Christmas spirit during the Depression.

  4. Little Women is totally a Christmas movie for me – because of the recurring Christmas scenes and because it’s one of the few movies my parents own I actually like so I end up watching it every Christmas )

  5. Hello Amy! When I started the blog over I just deleted everyone from the list, and so I forgot all the people I liked reading from, and it took me awhile to remember you. >< Sorry for that!

    As for any Christmas scenes, I really can't think of any at all. Would Home Alone count? It's not really a Christmas-y movie.

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