Your Wish is My Command…

I was paroozing through the super-fun #RBWL hashtag on April 14 when it was going on (for more info, check it out here), and I noticed that my current WIP meets some of the criteria people are looking for! Sadly though, no pirates in space, since that was super popular! Anyhow, here’s what I found…

The Characters

This is the case for my MC!

I think this applies pretty well to my characters.

I always try to  make my MCs like this!

The Love Story

Shrimpy and geeky aren’t the best words to describe him, but he’s definitely not a macho man.

At least I think this applies. 🙂

Uh, definitely YES. The love interest is completely sweet. 🙂 And if I ever write an abusive boyfriend into a story, let’s just say he won’t still be the boyfriend by the end…

The Friendships

I have all these types of friendships included!

There’s some romance, but there is also friendship without any romance!

The Genre/Story Elements

I think this fits pretty well… it’s set in the future and has a sci-fi element, but it reads somewhat like a contemporary.

It’s a standalone.

The parents aren’t in my story a lot, but when they are, they make it count.

Also, just for fun, after discovering that there is already a YA book out there called Earthbound (the title for my WIP), I did a Goodreads search to check out more titles with the name. They are all either science fiction or deal with spirits, which I found interesting…


I do love the cover for Aprilynne Pike’s book!

Now I need to get back to editing so one day people can read it! 🙂

Are any of these elements something you’d like to see in a book?

6 thoughts on “Your Wish is My Command…

  1. Ooh. You picked my tweet! I didn’t expect that when I your post caught my attention in my RSS feed. Haha. I just thought all the #RBWL tweets were very interesting, so I it’s cool to see that you’ve taken a look at them to compare how your WIP stacks up to the wishes of readers. All the best with editing and writing, Amy! 🙂

  2. I WANT YOUR WIP. Please, oh please, for the love of baby cupcakes, I want it. You have me immensely interested, especially from the very first tweet (sick and tired of having any sort of religion always being the center focus instead of it being casually played). I love it all! Can’t wait to read it 😉 Good luck!

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