As Seen on Tumblr (& Twitter)

As some of you know, I recently started a Tumblr account after discussing the possibility here on the blog. For those who didn’t know, here’s some things I’ve been posting that you missed. If you’re on Tumblr and enjoy what you see, then I’d love the new follows!

– I answered some survey questions after being tagged by Asti

– I posted the Mid-Year Book freakout survey, which I found via Chiara

– I always post pictures of books as I start to read them

ruin-risingI post a lot of Star Trek

And Emma Approved GIFs

I post quotes from books as I read them

– I’ve been meaning to post story inspiration boards weekly but have only done a few so far…

mood-story-board4– And just whatever else I feel like!

I also recently did a recast dreamcast for Pride and Prejudice… wouldn’t this be brilliant?!

pride-prejudice-recastAnd then lastly, I thought that those of you who have read this blog long enough to know that yes, I have somehow managed to never read Harry Potter, will be happy to know (if you didn’t already find out from Twitter) that I finally ordered a box set of the series! My husband, who has also never read the series, expressed interest, and I have thought about it before as well, and with out birthdays coming up soon, it seemed like a good time to find a set that we liked the look and price of, and it came in the other day!

IMG_1846I ordered these from Scholastic’s website, and if you want $25 or more worth of books from their publishing company I would definitely recommend it! They have good prices, and for orders of $25 or more you get free shipping, and it’s MUCH faster than Amazon (I’m not talking to Prime members, I’m talking to us rebellious folks who refuse to bow to Amazon’s every whim). I plan to start the first book pretty soon. I don’t think I’ll binge read them; I plan to read books in between, but I would like to try to read one of them every 6 weeksish maybe? Of course, if it gets really intense towards the end then I might end up reading the last few in a row! We’ll see! I wanted to read the books before watching the movies and my husband decided he wanted to wait until after, so thankfully we’re not going to have a problem with wanting to read them at the same time.

What have you been up to lately? 

6 thoughts on “As Seen on Tumblr (& Twitter)

  1. *claps* I so totally approve of the Tumblr. And it looks like you’ve been having fun! That story board has so many pretty photographs in it, and I really like the one of the guy with the raven. And the woman’s dress with all those raven feathers all over it is lovely.

    And enjoy Harry Potter! I personally wish I hadn’t read them until now because it’s like nicer and nicer covers are coming out, and I just have all these poorly taken care off editions. But then, collecting them was my childhood. I can’t replace the sentimental value.

  2. I really need to try harder with tumblr, I set it up at a similar time to my blog and other than cross posting I haven’t done anything with it. You have give me some really great examples of the type of post that works on that platform. So thanks for sharing 🙂

    I have that set of HP books too. I started out the year aiming to reread the entire series. I read the first 3 before the end of March, and now they get longer I’ve not picked up #4. Maybe before the year is out I’ll be able to read at least one more.

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