Dreamcast: Free to Fall

Hey, remember how I’ve attempted dreamcasting a few times? Today I’m bringing it back with Free to Fall, a book with an awesome plot but unfortunately so-so characters and ending…. but that’s OK, because in this dreamcast version it will also be directed by Christopher Nolan with screenplay by him and his brother Jonathan, and they will cut out the dumb stuff and optimize on the good! Hooray! Now here’s who I see playing these (improved) roles.

Isabelle Fuhrman as Rory

Isabelle-FuhrmanI feel like Isabelle physically matches the description of Rory pretty well, plus she’s about the right age.

Asa Butterfield as Beck

Asa-ButterfieldEven though Asa still really looks like a child to me, he is the right age and I think his look would actually work well for Rory’s quirky, artsy best friend.

Ross Lynch as Liam

ross-lynchIt was extremely hard to find a picture where Ross didn’t look so “rockstar,” but I still think he could pull off preppy Liam.

I don’t have anyone picked out to play Hershey because she’s mostly generic pretty girl and a lot of girls could play her. With North, I don’t even know where to begin. But thankfully in my dream version of the movie the Nolans are rewriting him and he’s super awesome.

Lupita Nyong’o as Taurus

lupitaIf you’ve read the book, I don’t think I have to explain how perfect Lupita’s look is.

Wes Bentley as Robert Griffin

Wes-BentleyI think Wes has about the right age and look, and I believe can carry the role of a big-time tech company CEO well. (Joseph Gordon-Levitt was also be a good fit for this role, but I was trying to think of someone I haven’t talked about as much before.)

Michael Caine as Dean Atwater

michael-caineBecause it’s not a Christopher Nolan movie without Michael Caine. (What will we do when Michael Caine dies? Cry all the tears.)

I’m sure C. Nolan would find a way to sneak some more or his favorite actors in here. Obviously there has to be a role written in for Christian Bale. 🙂

Who would you dreamcast (and/or dreamcrew!) for a movie adaptation of Free to Fall?

4 thoughts on “Dreamcast: Free to Fall

  1. I haven’t read Free to Fall, but I love the idea of the Nolan’s adapting the screenplay and cutting out the so-so parts and optimizing the good! I think that should be done for every movie adaption because then we’d have awesome, awesome books. I so wanted them to do that with the Twilight movies and they so, so did not.

    • Ha ha, sorry for your disappointment for the Twilight movies! I haven’t read any of the books but I saw 30 minutes of the first movie and was like, “Nope…” But yes, wouldn’t it be nice, indeed?!

  2. Gah! I still need to get to Free to Fall! Don’t know if I ever will read it, though, since it’s been getting quite a bit of mixed reviews lately… All the same, this is an awesome set of actors. Haha, yup, I love how Nolan uses the same actors in many of his shows. It’s one of things that make his films distinctly his. And you’re not the only one who thinks Asa Butterfield looks like a kid! Seriously, if his voice hadn’t been so low in Ender’s Game, he would’ve been the perfect Ender. Hard to believe he’s the same age as me (and a few months older, too) — he looks like twelve. 😛

    • He does look 12!

      And you can read my review of Free to Fall and see if that helps you decide, it’s just the post before this. I gave it 4 stars but in hindsight I almost feel like 3.5 would be appropriate. I liked a lot about it, but it had problems too.

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