The 777 Challenge

Annie mentioned this challenge that to me that she did on her blog, and so I was curious to see how it might look for me.

How it works: 7th page of current WIP, 7 lines down, 7 lines.

This didn’t work out in as neat of a spot as I hoped, so I bent the rules a little, but it’s close enough.

Also, I’m terrified of doing this.

There is nothing profound in these 7 lines. No extraordinary writing. And despite this, I also have the fear of someone stealing the words anyway.

But my first draft didn’t even contain all these lines. Some of this was written recently as I’m going trough revisions for my NaNoWriMo story Earthbound from last year. At least I’m not revealing a section of my story that I feel is super special. Yet at the same time, these lines do say something that moves the story froward.

I want to become more serious about putting myself out there as an aspiring author, which is why I decided to do this. So without further ado and without context of the story (I’ll tell you one thing: Noa is a girl), here’s my 777:

Dad sighs, and I turn around so I don’t have to see the disappointment on his face. “Noa,” he says steadily before I can walk away, and I look back to him and realize he doesn’t actually look disappointed, just sad.

“I’m sorry. Your mother is right. We never intended to stay up here so long without a visit to Earth. But ultimately, the decision is yours. OK?”

I nod before I turn back and head for my room to wait for Dr. Avett’s arrival and my final sentence.

6 thoughts on “The 777 Challenge

  1. What an interesting challenge! It presents an idea of writing style and voice, but is still a big tease. 🙂 I think it seems great so far, Amy, good luck with Nanowrimo! And keep posting teasers (if you want)! 🙂

  2. I’m so glad you did it 🙂 It can be so nerve-wracking to make a part of your story more known. Which is why I like this challenge – you don’t (entirely) get to choose what you share. You either choose to do it or not (and not is a totally fair choice).

    But it creates this great glimpse – it’s like a movie trailer it just gets the audience to ask all sorts of questions. Why wouldn’t she want to go to Earth? Why does it make her dad sad? How come the doctor gets to decide if she goes or not? It’s so much fun!

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