Review: The Infinite Sea

After reading and enjoying The 5th Wave early in the summer, I was anticipating The Infinite Sea.

sfm_banner_02b (1)The start was slow for me. And confusing, because I wasn’t quite sure what was going on POV-wise, but I finally figured it out (I also remembered after a while that The 5th Wave had been in similar at first in these regards). What also often confused me were the action sequences. I would get lost with who was where and what exactly what was happening, but this happens to me frequently when I read action in books, so I don’t necessarily blame Rick Yancey so much for this.

Again, my favorite parts of The Infinite Sea, like The 5th Wave, were the psychological parts. There’s a really big plot reveal late in the novel that is a big game-changer for everything that happened and it really made my mind race with all the psychologicalness of it (yeah, I totally just made that word up). I think this is also the reason why my favorite part of the book ended up being the large section of the book that was from Ringer’s POV. At first I wasn’t sure how I would feel about it, but she is mentally processing a lot and trying to figure out the mind games, and after a while I really got into 5th Wave is a pretty dark and gritty book, but I think this one is even darker and grittier. I definitely would not recommend it for young teenagers. It’s not solely for reasons of language or violence (though both are present), but because it just feels so hopeless and hard.

From a science fiction perspective… while this book continues the plot about aliens, it is so much more about humanity. But really, I think that’s really common in science fiction and why so many of us love and enjoy the genre. This book will definitely make you ask questions about ourselves.

Between the beginning and the fact that it was SO dark, I ended up not enjoying this one as much as the first installment, but I am definitely still really curious about how it will conclude and excited about the movies.

4stars2Content Advisory: Language (including strong language), violence, and off-screen sex. 

What are your thoughts on The Infinite Sea?

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