Looking Back (2014) and Looking Forward (2015)

Even though I consider myself sentimental, I surprisingly don’t get too reflective around New Year’s. I did, however, want to share a few highlights of 2014 (books, movies, and things in my life), and mention a few things I am looking forward to in the new year.


I did fill out Jamie’s 2014 End of Year Survey, probably a little too soon, so here are some updated/more detailed stats on my reading this year.

Final reading count of 2014//Books read: 42/Novellas read: 7

Genres I read//Adult fiction: 3 books/YA fiction: 39 books & novellas/Non-fiction: 3 books/Classics: 4 books

Subgenres of YA read: Historical, Sci-Fi, Contemporary, Fantasy, Alternate History, Steampunk, Dystopia, Fairytale Retellings… and combinations of aforementioned genres!

Ratings//4.5-5 stars: 10 books/3.5-4 stars: 27 books/2.5-3 stars: 12 books/1-2 stars: 0 books/DNF: 1 book

In 2015 I want to read: What I want! 🙂 I want to read at least: one adult fiction bestseller (PLEASE give me ideas), one other adult fiction, two writing books, two other non-fiction books, and one Jane Austen book. I also want to try to read all the books I bought/was gifted in 2014 (I’m not counting a stack of books a friend gave me when he was getting rid of a bunch of his… I intend to read them eventually, but I don’t plan to read all of them this year). I also want to try and actually re-read some this year!

2015 releases I am most anticipating: Firefight by Brandon Sanderson, Fairest by Marissa Meyer, The Winner’s Crime by Marie Rutkoski, Shadow Scale by Rachel Hartman, Do Over by Jon Acuff, The Rose Society by Marie Lu, and Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

Top 3 (Read In) 2014 Books: Across a Star-Swept Sea by Diana Peterfreund, Cress by Marissa Meyer, and Seraphina by Rachel Hartman

Top 3 (Read In) 2014 Book Series: The Grisha trilogy by Leigh Bardugo, Leviathan trilogy by Scott Westerfeld, and Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling (even though I’ve only read the first three so far)

See what I read in 2014


I still want to do a more detailed post about 2014 movies later, but here’s a couple quick stats for 2014 movies for me…

2014 Released Movies Seen: 13

My Top Three 2014 Movies: Interstellar, Mockingjay, and Captain America

See my Top 10 2015 Movie Anticipations 


In 2014: I think the most noticeable difference in my life happened in May when I started my new job. I went from an hour plus one-way commute to a ten minute one-way commute. I went from often feeling frustrated and stressed to feeling a bit lighter and much more content. Mind you, my new job is not all rainbows and smiley faces and it does get stressful at times, but it’s so much easier to leave that at work when your drive home is much shorter and you don’t have to wake up at ridiculous o’clock to make that stressful drive again. Also, I have started actually making work friends… I had a few at my previous job but now I can honestly say I like everyone I work with and I actually talk to people AT WORK (don’t worry, we still get the work done!). I had felt very isolated at my previous job, so this has really helped my morale and has been a very positive change in my life.

In 2015: I am looking forward to NOT job hunting this year for the first time since I graduated college! (At least I hope I won’t have to job hunt!) In the new year, my husband and I are hoping we will be able to move to our second home as a couple. There are a lot of great things about our house, but we do need more room and it would be nice to have some things we don’t have now (like a garage). And if this happens, I’m going to try to be good and invest in either a treadmill or exercise bike and USE IT.

My 3 resolutions for 2015 are: Write more. Love more. Pray more.

What are your highlights of 2014 and what are you looking forward to in 2015?

12 thoughts on “Looking Back (2014) and Looking Forward (2015)

  1. I really love reading more of your stats! And that you included movies 🙂 But really, I’m a fan of your resolutions because I could use those as well. Good luck, Amy 🙂

  2. Sounds like 2014 was good for you! Having to do hour-and-a-half commutes to work and placements here in the UK, I can definitely feel you on the stress of traveling so far. You lose so much of your day just traveling and depending on the journey it can put you in a bad mood from the very start, so I think it’s really great that you found something else – especially since you’re making friends at you’re new job. 🙂

    I have no suggestions for 2015 books to read (esp adult bestseller!) because I’m pretty confined in what I read, but I think it’s great you’re branching out! And ooh Seraphina was one of your top three for 2014? I actually own a copy but haven’t read it. Maybe I should bump it up in my TBR list!

    Hope 2015 treats you well Amy ❤

    • I’m sure most of your commuting was public transportation, which no doubt had plenty of frustrations. One thing about my commute was that traffic almost always awful! I would feel so road ragey! And yes, having so much of the day gone definitely stinks…

      I think you’ll like Seraphina, or at least I hope you will! It was a little slow for me at first so when I rated it I gave it 4.5 stars, but those characters and world have really stuck with me! You could read it right before Shadow Scale comes out!

      I hope your 2015 treats you well also! I know something will work out for you.

  3. I’m also SUPER excited for Six of Crows, The Winner’s Crime, and Fairest, because I can almost always count on these authors to write quality stuff! Plus, I’ve been waiting for them for so long, haha.
    I have to agree that Cress was definitely one of my favorites last year! It’s my favorite of the whole series, so I have to wonder if Winter can even possibly be as good… (but maybe awesomeness just builds upon awesomeness?)
    I absolutely *adore* the Grisha trilogy, and it’s better late than never to read the HP books! 😉
    So happy to see Interstellar made your top movie of the year! I still have to see Mockingjay (yikes!) because somehow between finals and the holidays it just never happened. I’ve heard it was good but maybe not as good as Catching Fire — what did you think?
    And it’s wonderful to hear how your work life has improved so much! Here’s to taking 2015 by storm!

    • I did a review for it on here, which you should be able to find pretty easily, but in summary, it’s a very different movie from Catching Fire. It’s not full of action as it focuses on Katniss’ PTSD, but I think it’s very poignant. I thought they made very good decisions about how to portray everything. Hope you enjoy it when you have the chance to watch it!

  4. Adult bestseller: Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen. I also really love The Sugar Queen but I’m not entirely sure it was a best seller. The Peach Keeper and The Girl Who Chased the Moon apparently were, but Garden Spells and The Sugar Queen are my favorites so there you go 🙂

      • haha – it might have been me 🙂 I don’t read much adult fiction, but if I do it’s pretty much Historical Christian Fiction or Sarah Addison Allen so i recommend her all over the place 🙂 The Night Circus is also very awesome adult fiction.

      • I feel like it was Leanne (who used to be on Oh the Books) who mentioned at some point, though I might have heard more good things from you later. I probably should check out The Night Circus… everyone seems to love it.

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