Mini Reviews: The Body Electric and All Fall Down

The Body Electric by Beth Revis

gr-thebodyelectric– The world building was really interesting. I especially loved all the technology featured. I found out after reading that this is actually the same universe as the Across the Universe trilogy, just what’s happening on Earth, so I thought that was neat.

– The characters were pretty bland, but I did like Ella better than Amy from Across the Universe. Both Ella and Jack have personalities, so they’re not completely cardboard, but nothing about them really stands out from the pages. After I finished reading, I saw where Revis said that Ella was actually based somewhat on Rick Deckard from Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, which I thought was an interesting concept. I definitely would have liked to have seen that played out more.

– The conspiracies got to be a little too much for me after a while. When you start being annoyed by how many weird plot twists there are, that’s not a good thing.

– Editing wise: This book repeated itself a lot. I felt like Revis wasn’t counting on us remembering things we read 50 pages before. Sometimes when I read long books that take a while I forget things from 200 pages ago, but I didn’t need to be reminded of certain events or certain relations with people over and over again in this 300-something page book. Also, I got to sick of every reference to bees. Everything goes back to bees. By the time I read All Fall Down (which, I had read The Deathly Hallows between these two books) there was just one reference to a bee I was like, No, not bees again! 

Overall, the story this one was pretty interesting, but I would have like to have seen more dynamic characters and a plot that maybe felt a little less dystopian/conspiracist and more just straight-up sci-fi.

Content Advisory: Moderate language (I don’t think there were any f-words), mild sexual content (there is kissing and a non-graphic memory of sex), and some violence. 

3stars2All Fall Down by Ally Carter

gr-allfalldownThis was my first Ally Carter book and I will definitely be coming back for more. I could tell that her tone was light, even when dealing with serious issues, which I think some people might not like, but it doesn’t bother me as long as I feel like she’s still dealing with the serious issues, which I feel she did. There were ZERO swear words in this book, which I really appreciated, and there was also ZERO romance (though I think there will be some in future books for this series).

Through most of the book, I was really finding no fault with it, though it wasn’t exactly blowing me away in a 5 star manner, but then the plot thickened and really picked up my interest, but then towards the end I was left confused by a couple of things. (Highlight for spoilers) I don’t understand what exactly happened that made Grace accidentally kill her mom. So she saw her mom’s death being staged (Why was she around? That was really poor planning, guys.), and so I guess she reacted emotionally (which is a tendency of hers) and sought to take care of the man who she felt killed her mother. But where did she get the gun? How did she end up shooting her mom? Is she THAT bad of a shot? Did her mom run out in front of the gun? I just don’t understand logistically how it all went down, and Ms. Chancellor only half explains it. 

Also, it really, really PO’s me to no end when adults in stories will lie, lie, lie to teens in order to “protect” them from the truth. I’m sorry, but just stop it. Just tell the truth. You made this girl believe she was crazy and screwed her up for 3 really essential years of her adolescence. Way to go, guys. 

And lastly, how did they expect Grace to trust Dominic enough to go off to another country with him if they weren’t going to play it straight with her? Again, Dumb Adult Syndrome really irritates me, and these adults seemed so competent and not like idiots until all this stuff came out at the end. 

Grace was a good character though. I liked how she was flawed but still sympathetic, even though she was not always likable. I think Carter did a really good job of finding that balance with her. I loved the secondary characters: Alexi, Noah, Megan, and Rosie, and I just love that she had people who really cared about her and supported her. I look forward to seeing more of them.

This book ends with the almost-revelation of a secret that will definitely be featured in the next book, and I look forward to reading more.

Content advisory: Some violence and traumatic memories, no language or sexual content. 

4stars2If you’ve read either of these books, what are your thoughts?

5 thoughts on “Mini Reviews: The Body Electric and All Fall Down

    • You make a valid point. For some reason that didn’t really bother me, I guess because I enjoyed getting to know the characters well enough (kind of goes back to my plot vs. character discussion!).

  1. I’ve heard of the first book but not the second – seems like I should go for the second too – it sounds much more intriguing. Although I think I would miss a romance a bit. 🙂 I should probably read Do Androids Dream someday too – it’s seems to be such a seminal work.

    • As I was realizing the book wasn’t going to have a romance, I thought I would miss it but really, Grace has a lot of problems and really doesn’t need to worry about romance. There is definitely a potential love interest for the future though. (I thought there might be two potentials, but I think ultimately one of them really will be just a friend.

  2. YAY! I’m so glad we both really like ALL FALL DOWN. I wasn’t really sure when I started reading it, because the first page wasn’t really a grab-me kind of introduction, and I’d seen quite a few “meh” reviews, but I loved it! For pretty much all of the reasons you did.

    I also had the same reservations you did, too. But I think because I enjoyed it so much on the overall, they didn’t really hinder how much I ended up liking this book! I really cannot wait for the sequel because there is so much to learn and discover.

    I am definitely keen for more Carter books, and I hope you enjoy the ones you read, Amy!

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