Top 10 Beach Bag Books

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic is Top Ten Books That Should Be In Your Beach Bag or Ten Books That Will Be In My Beach Bag This Summer.

Well, I just came back from the beach not too long ago (sad), and since I live in a landlocked state (more sad) there isn’t much opportunity for me to go back again this summer. So first I’ll share what I did take with me to the beach (and enjoyed!), what I would take if I was so fortunate to go again later this summer (after I acquired said books), and books I’ve read that you might enjoy reading when you hit the beach.


Bag source: Scout

The 5th Wave: Thankfully there was no sign of an alien apocalypse on my vacation, so it was a fascinating world to delve into while I relaxed.

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight: A light contemporary read that made for a fun, fast read by the water.

Shadow and Bone: Something about immersing myself into this new world while in a place far from home I think made this read even more mesmerizing.

The Scarlet Pimpernel: I bought this one while on vacation and started on it. Unfortunately, the book didn’t pick up for me until after I got back home, but it has some fun moments!


Bag source: Life is Good

Split Second: I STILL need to read this follow-up to Pivot Point, and needing a book for the beach seems like just a good a reason as any.

Siege and Storm: Can I go back to Florida to continue the Grisha trilogy, please?

The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet: Coming June 24, how can the book adaptation of our favorite web series that was a retelling of one of our favorite love stories not be a perfect beach read?


Bag source: Stuffosaurus

The Scorpio Races: This book takes place on an island with a much more deadly beach than what you are likely to encounter. So while you read about this mystical place, you can be glad that you’re not there and delve into the fascinating culture of Thisby Island.

Across a Star-Swept Sea: I know I talk about this book a lot (and spoiler alert – it’ll be back for next week’s TTT again), but when I read this book in December/January, the descriptions of the tropical island setting really left me aching for warmth and beachiness!

Rebecca: So there isn’t really anything about the beach here, though there is water, but this is a great, suspenseful classic that you will leave you on the edge of your beach chair. And personally, I like some intrigue in my beach reads since I can gobble down the pages with hours to read at my disposal.

What would you pack in your beach bag this summer?


May turned out to be one amazing month for me. I applied for, interviewed for, was offered, and accepted a new job that is only ten minutes from my house. For those who may not know or recall, I was driving an hour one way before. I am now commuting less in a week than I previously did in a day (unless traffic happens, which I learned on my way home the second day that it can. Of course, traffic happened a LOT on my previous commute.)!

I also celebrated my 5/10 anniversary with my husband, that being 5 years married, 10 years together! It’s amazing to share life with my best friend.

The day after our anniversary, we left Tennessee for a seven night vacation on the beach in Destin, Florida! If you’ve never been but love a beautiful beach, I’d definitely recommend it! This is the third time we’ve been since we’ve gotten married and we love it there. We never want to leave, but alas, we have to eventually.

Because of all this glorious relaxing, I read way more than usual! I finished The 5th Wave, which I had started before the trip, started and finished The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight, started and finished Shadow and Bone, and started reading The Scarlet Pimpernel, which I bought at a local bookstore in Seaside, a little over half an hour from Destin. I had heard about Seaside and asked if we could check it out one day on our trip, and of course the bookstore was a must-see.

DSC_7191-editThey actually had a pretty decent YA section, which impressed me, but I didn’t see anything that I was particularly craving for at the moment, but when I spotted The Scarlet Pimpernel for $5, based on my love for the retelling Across a Star-Swept Sea, I decided to grab it!

DSC_7223And it came with a souvenir bookmark!

While reading I snapped a few pictures of some quotes I liked. From The 5th Wave


“Cruelty isn’t a personality trait. Cruelty is a habit.”

From The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight


“And in August it will be fifty-two years together.” “Wow… that’s amazing.” “I wouldn’t call it amazing… It’s easy when you find the right person.”

And from Shadow and Bone


“Thanks for finding me.” “Always.”

Also, I mentioned back in December a life change, and well basically, soon it’s not going to be a thing anymore. So yeah… May has been great.

Coming back from vacation I felt refreshed and renewed, ready for new things, and excited about stories again after reading so many new books and revising my NaNoWriMo project one last time before I send it off to a few Beta readers… which I haven’t done yet but I will SOON.

And lastly, yesterday I found out I have been nominated for the YA Highly Web Awards, and I am EXTREMELY honored! Apparently the nominees went up on Monday but no one told me I had been nominated! I just happened to click on a link from Kelley @ Oh the Books‘ tweet when she mentioned their nomination, and was shocked to see my name under the Aspiring Author category! I don’t know how long voting lasts (probably not much longer), but if you feel so inclined, you can cast a vote for me here. Regardless of what happens, I am humbled to have been nominated… I mean, that means someone thought to vote for me to be a nominee! So whoever you are, thank you! 🙂

So how was your May? What are you looking forward to?