About Recommendations

Note: I originally wrote this post several months ago, apparently shortly after seeing Frozen and experiencing people on Facebook talking about certain YA books. It doesn’t feel as relevant now, and I edited some of it to reflect more current thoughts, but I thought it was time to get this out of my drafts! 

When I had not been blogging for very long, I would see survey questions or a Top 10 Tuesday topic that seemed to focus on what books you recommend to others. And since my reading habits kicked into overtime when I started blogging, before then, I did not feel I had a ton to recommend. And even if I had feelings about the books I read, they seem to have intensified (a lot) over time as I connect with more and more bloggers.

Why can’t my Facebook friends understand my feelings?! When I see they’re reading Divergent I want to say, “OK, I was fine with the end, but you might not be. And quite frankly, even though I actually liked Allegiant, I still think the series is no where near Hunger Games level, so don’t expect that.” (BTW, I think one day I’ll have to write a post about why I would have been bitterly disappointed with The Hunger Games trilogy if it ended the way Allegiant did… it was interesting revelation I had.)

Or when I see they’re reading The Maze Runner I want to be like, “Hey, just stop reading that. No seriously. It’s only going to get more convoluted. Your questions will never be answered! Your favorite character may die and then get completely forgotten by the main character like he never cared about that person!” (Oh, is that just me?) “Just stop!”

dont-you-dareOr when they are looking for something to read, I want to scream…

READ THE LUNAR CHRONICLES. AND FOR DARKNESS SHOWS THE STARS/ACROSS A STAR-SWEPT SEA. AND THE GRISHA TRILOGY. The amazing books that bloggers know and love, but aren’t hyped up in the stores.

I’ll might tell them, depending, but I do try to avoid yelling. 🙂

spirit-fingersAnd at the bookstore when there is an endcap that says, “If you like The Hunger Games you’ll like Delirium or Under the Never Sky,” I want to hide the books. You may not like Delirium of Under the Never Sky. I DNF’d both of them (yes, I know that’s not common, but I stand by my choices completely because they weren’t for me; I might still be willing to try something else by these authors though). But they are really NOT on the same level as The Hunger Games, and I think most people who like the books will even agree with that.

I think I’m starting to feel book nerd problems more than I ever had before.

anna-snowI know everyone likes different things. I have to realize that no matter how strongly I feel about a book, others may (gasp!) not agree with me! They may love The Maze Runner trilogy and hate Cinder (wait… can anyone hate Cinder?). It’s just my blogging is apparently starting to spill over to my personal life.

Do you struggle with giving your opinion too freely about books you loved or didn’t to real life friends?