This Week in TV: The Super Bowl, Almost Human, and Agents of SHIELD

With all three of my TV shows coming back this week with their first episode of 2014, plus with The Super Bowl this past Sunday, I thought it would be worth talking about what caught my attention on TV this week. Even if you don’t watch these shows, feel free to read on because who knows, maybe it’ll spark your interest!

I’m not talking about Castle, because it’s an established show and there was nothing particularly special about this week’s episode, but Almost Human and Agents of SHIELD are both in their first season and are revealing new things every week that are piquing my interest. But first…

The Super Bowl

Russell WilsonI saw/heard a lot of people say they thought this year’s Super Bowl was boring. I don’t understand how one could feel this way unless (1) they were rooting for the Broncos (obviously) or (2) they don’t actually care about football anyway. Sure it was a blowout, but it was fun to watch.

Just to be clear, I’m only moderately interested in football. I have teams I like and I enjoy watching them when they play well, and especially if they run the ball because it’s way more exciting than passing it. Also, I was rooting for the Seahawks because of my disliking for Peyton Manning. It’s a lousy reason to root for a team, but it’s the truth.

So maybe I took too much pleasure in watching Peyton throwing interceptions.

And in his disgruntled facial expressions.

And of guys on the Seahawks running with no danger of being tackled as they made their way to the end zone.

And I also could have been on a sugar high because my husband and I had the bright idea of eating a Skittle for every point Seattle scored. (Why Skittles? Because of this guy.) Personally, I thought they might score 21 points. I wasn’t even dreaming of 43. Holy cow, guys. It was a LOT of Skittles.

But what I wanted to talk about mostly was the commercials. Overall, not  a bad batch, but not many really stood out either. Most were just better than mediocre.

In case you’re unaware, USA Today does this thing where people rank the Super Bowl commercials and  they announce on Monday how everything ranked. Their top 5 were as follows:

1. Budweiser, “Puppy Love”

2. Doritos, “Cowboy Kid”

3. Budweiser, “Hero’s Welcome”

4. Doritos, “Time Machine”

5. Radio Shack, “Phone Call”

(Sorry this don’t mean much if you didn’t see them; I’ll include videos of some of them later.)

Puppy Love being number one was not a surprise to me. Who can resist an adorable story about furry best friends?

The second one, The Dortios Cowboy Kid, really fell flat for me and I didn’t find it funny, so I was surprised to see it so highly ranked. The other Doritos commercial, however, made me chuckle.

I thought the Radio Shack commercial was also funny and clever. I’m glad they’re choosing this way to brand and market themselves now instead of calling themselves “The Shack” like they were for a while…

One of my favorites was, without a doubt, the Tim Tebow T-Mobile commercial (there were actually two, but we’ll go with the first one here), as he explains what you can do without a contract (plus I’m a Tebow fan):

Another commercial I found quite funny and clever was done by Turbo Tax…

And lastly, I feel I have to mention Jaguar’s commercial of British villains…

How fun is that?

Almost Human

I’ve been enjoying Almost Human, but it’s been painfully obvious that they’re showing the episodes out of order, and the mythology I was kind of hoping for from a show developed by the same people who did Fringe hasn’t really been present. However, I enjoy the characters, it’s been an interesting look into a possible future, and they have made some references that can certainly lead to more in the story later. One of these references that has particularly piqued my interest is to “the wall.”

almost-human-the-wallIn this episode they finally addressed it further, but we still don’t know much about it. I don’t think the wall is around the entire city, but runs through it. And it sounds like it is definitely separating them from an unsavory place. But what goes on there? How did it come to be this way? So many questions! But we did see someone going over the wall at the end of this week’s episode, so it will certainly come back up. I also think we’re at the point where the episodes might finally be shown in order. And though I’m dying for an episode that explains more about the wall, I’m also intrigued by the next episode because it’s about Valerie, one of the detectives, and about others who are genetically engineered. I’m definitely interested in seeing how genetic engineering is portrayed in this universe. 

almost-human-valerieIf you’re interested in science fiction, check this show out. I think it’s going to get even better.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

After the first three episodes of SHIELD aired, I shared my thoughts about the show. I was slightly disappointed, as I expected more from a Whedon show, but I saw a lot of potential in it. I know a lot of people gave up on the show, and if you’re one of those people, you should really come back to it. You have until March 4 (ugh, such a long break after an earlier long break and only one new episode!) to catch up. The characters are finally starting to feel like real people you care about, with relationships and personality traits and past lives. Every week more clues about a larger storyline are being given, more elements are coming to light, and just when one thing is answered, something else arouses our curiosity. Skye’s past is of interest now, as well as more on Coulson’s death, and who the heck is the clairvoyant, and what does she/he want?! And I adore the interactions between Fitz and Simmons, as I have mentioned before. The plot is thickening week by week, so do yourself a favor and check it out.

agents-of-shield-ep-11Also, Emma Approved is back from its month hiatus! Hooray!

Which Superbowl commercial was your favorite? Are you a fan of Almost Human or Agents of SHIELD?