Round-Up: Suzanne Collins, Justice League?, and Captain Kirk

Suzanne Collins

Good news for Hunger Games fans! Suzanne Collins is going to start writing another young adult series! Hooray! We don’t know what’s is about, but if these characters are as engrossing as those in The Hunger Games, it hardly matters. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what she has to offer us next!


Justice League?

Though my favorite superhero is Batman, I have been really enjoying Marvel’s offering of The Avengers and the various movies for their characters. Justice League? Eh, I mean, it might be good, but I hard time imagining that I would like it as The Avengers. But let’s face it, if you attach Christoper Nolan’s name to it, my interest level will increase by 1000%. Many have wondered if Christopher Nolan would be involved with a Justice League movie should one be made, and/or if Zack Snyder (the director for the upcoming Man of Steel movie) would be involved. And all these questions have been answered! OK, not really, but they both did comment on the matter. And they were both nice and vague about it, saying basically, “Mmmm… maybe…” I won’t even know how much I care until I see Man of Steel and see if I enjoy Zack Snyder’s incarnation of Superman (since I’ve never been interested in Superman before). And then there’s the matter of Batman. Joseph Gordon-Levitt please. Or Christian Bale. But no one else would be right, not now, not so soon after The Dark Knight Trilogy. What are your thoughts on a possible Justice League movie?

MAN OF STEELNew Kirks Judged by Old Khans

This is an interesting article that compares Star Trek Into Darkness with original Star Trek films, as well as Abrams’ Kirk with the original. Does J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek betray what Star Trek stands for? Believe it or not, similar questions were asked about the second original Star Trek film over 20 years ago. And how is new Kirk learning lessons versus how old Kirk learned his lessons? If you read the article, let me know your thoughts on it!

kirkx2In other news, I finally finished The Book Thief. It is, without a doubt, the most heart-breaking fiction story I have ever read, but so amazing at the same time. The way it is written is beautiful, and just… wow. I don’t know what else to say. I’ll just save it for the review, which I hope to post later this week. My books from Amazon are supposed to come in later this week (finally… I think their shipping has gotten slower… and one of the books is the aforementioned The Book Thief now that I finished my library e-book of it… oops…), so I’m not quite sure what I am reading next yet until then.

Any book or movie news/points of interest been on your radar lately?

The Top 5 Movies JGL Should Star In

Who’s JGL, you ask? Why none other Mr. Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

jgl2I have enjoyed seeing Joseph Gordon-Levitt starring in a few movies over the past couple of years, and I think he’s growing to become one of my favorite actors. The idea for this list birthed when my husband looked at me and asked, “Why didn’t they cast Joseph Gordon-Levitt for that role instead of Tobey Maguire? I would be a lot more interested in The Great Gatsby if he was in it instead.” To which I was like, “Uh, YEAH.” Sorry Tobey, but after Spider-man 3, it’s a little hard to take you seriously. Especially when you’re acting opposite the amazing Leonardo DiCaprio. And how does JGL hold up against Leo?


Come on, have you seen Inception?! (If not, stop reading this and buy it and watch it NOW.) So The Great Gatsby will appear on this list, along with four other movies (which may or may not actually exist) that I think would be perfect for Joseph Gordon-Levitt to star in.

#5: Left Behind, as Buck Williams

I have mentioned before my thoughts on Nic Cage rebooting Left Behind, as well as the casting choices made for Buck and Chloe. So if I could change  things, I would cast JGL as Buck. He’s the right age and I think he has the right look. And he’s definitely a better choice than Chad Michael Murray. (Now to recast Chloe…)


#4: The Great Gatsby, as Nick Carraway

As mentioned above. Just imagine him in this trailer:

Wouldn’t it be so much better?

#3:  A Modern Day Adaptation of a Jane Austen Story, as either Frank in Emma or Darcy in Pride and Prejudice

OK, so after The Lizzie Bennett Diaries, I decided that there needs to be modern-adaptation movies for every Austen story. I know there’s a lot out there for Pride and Prejudice already, and maybe for the others too, but I want something more a la LBD (though not in vlog format), which felt very true to the story. So my two thoughts for JGL in one of these films is either as Mr. Darcy, who starts off as aloof and awkward at first until he eases up and falls in love:

darcysOr Frank Churchill in Emma, who is at first charming and mysterious, but turns out to be slightly deceitful:


Oh, this was not Ewan McGregor’s best look…

Who would you prefer to see him as? Even though he looks more like Darcy, I think I’d like to see him as Frank…

#2: A Star Trek: Deep Space Nine movie reboot, as Dr. Julian Bashir


I have more casting and story ideas where this came from. But we’ll save those for another post. But it would be the bomb if JGL starred as Dr. Bashir in Deep Space Nine movie reboot. (First, we need to make this movie happen…)

#1: A Nightwing follow-up to The Dark Knight Trilogy, as John Blake/Robin/Nightwing 

But could it pretty please be coming one day?

But could it pretty please be coming one day?

These wishes are described in detail in an earlier post.

What movie (whether it has actually been produced or not) would you like to see JGL in?

Long Live John Blake!

SPOILERS! SPOILERS! SPOILERS! Do not read further if you have not watched The Dark Knight Rises yet but intend to ever.


When I walked out of the theater after The Dark Knight Rises, there were several things going through my mind.

But mainly John ROBIN Blake.

I wanted to badly for Joseph Gordon-Levitt to play Robin. But even though I thought his character was just a guy named John Blake, I really grew to love his character quickly. In his youth he had a hard and troubled past, much like Bruce Wayne, but without the resources. Yet he rose above his circumstances, worked hard, and became one of Gotham City’s finest.  And at the end when you find out his name is John ROBIN Blake, and that Bruce left him his cave and everything in it (essentially his legacy), I had to really contain my urge to fist pump in the air.




Nolan has said multiple times he’s “done” with Batman, but we all know Robin isn’t Batman. Even if he became Nightwing he wouldn’t be Batman. Duh. So in my mind, this is still possible.

Move aside Cat Lady, John Robin Blake was the star of The Dark Knight Rises as far as I’m concerned, and he deserves a movie.

But could it pretty please be coming one day?

But could it pretty please be coming one day?

One with Barbara Gordon, Harley Quinn, and the Riddler.

I’ve started a movie treatment, folks. And though I hesitate to put this on the Internet as anyone can steal my idea and claim it as their own, I am willing to risk it because I want this movie to be made. But if my idea gets stolen, I demand a 1% cut of the movie’s gross profits and a chance to meet with Christopher Nolan. Thank you. Now that my demands have been made…

Robin John Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) has been working with the Boys’ Home in Gotham reestablished at Wayne Manor after Bruce Wayne’s (supposed) death while working behind the scenes to prepare for his role as Nightwing when Gotham needs him.

One day the Boys’ Home welcomes in a new intern, a graduate student studying social work named Barbara Gordon (Emma Stone or Ellen Page), who also happens to be Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldham)’s daughter.

Meanwhile, Arkham Asylum psychologist Dr. Heather Quinzel (Ellen Page or Olivia Wilde) is devastated by the death of one of her patients, the Joker, who she found fascinating and wrote her doctorate dissertation on. The Joker leaves Heather a note telling her to seek out an old friend of his, Edward Nashton (Leonardo DiCaprio) who lives for riddles and games.

Heather quickly finds herself immersed in Edward’s world and he convinces her to finish the job the Joker started, and the two become a team as Harley Quinn and The Riddler.

That’s all have so far, but clearly Barbara Gordon has to become Batgirl and help Blake out, and clearly they would fall in love. (Also, Christopher Nolan needs to get someone else to flesh out Gordon’s character and her relationship with Blake, since he is apparently incapable of creating good women characters or romantic relationships unless they were in the movie Inception. I volunteer!)


Does this not look like the makings of an awesome movie?! (I don’t know who did the Photoshop job of Leo, but thank you.)

So there you have it, Mr. Nolan. The ball is in your court. I can be patient and wait a few years, but I want this movie to happen. I will be waiting for your call.

What would you like to see in a John Blake movie?