Jo March (Little Women) was probably the first heroine in a story I really admired and related to. Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games trilogy) is of course a determined heroine for the current generation whose story I also enjoyed. This blog is about stories like theirs that inspire me, whether they be in books, in movies, or on TV. I also will share a little bit about my pursuits in writing as I chase my dream to become a published author.


My name is Amy, and…

– I write young adult fiction and hope to be published in the next few years.

– I’m married to my high school sweetheart.

– I love Star Trek, especially Deep Space Nine.

– I read the entire Harry Potter series for the first time as a 28 year old (and you can read all about it on this blog).

– I was sorted Hufflepuff but I still feel very much like a Ravenpuff… or Huffleclaw?

– My favorite storyteller is Christopher Nolan.

– I love movie/TV adaptations of Jane Austen’s books, but struggle when I actually read them.

– Despite my interest in (and a college minor in) psychology, I still can’t seem to nail down my Myers-Brigg personality. It’s the Sensing/Intuition part that messes me up, because I can’t decide between INFP or an ISFP.

– I love chocolate. Like a lot. And I’m a little bit of a chocolate snob.


Liebster Award

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Awesome Blog Content Award

Nominated for a 2014 YA Highway Web Award for favorite blog in the Aspiring YA Author category


You can find me on the social media sites as seen on the right-hand side and on Letterboxd (basically Goodreads for movies).

13 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Amy…My name is Jan LaFata. I have a science fiction blog/website called SciFi News. I was literally surfing (who does that anymore?) through Google Images the other day, and I must have clicked on a picture that took me to your site. So with my “always willing to meet new folks” attitude, I wanted to just drop you a line and tell you that have a nice little website going for you.

    I figure that by occasionally contacting other science fiction sites, it serves many purposes with the main one being that were all kind of into this Science Fiction brotherhood kind of thing together anyway, and it never hurts to know more people and also help others out if needed. Plus it’s just fun meeting others with the same interests.

    I actually do this on occasion with other site operators, some more willing than others to befriend someone on the internet nuthouse. For the record though, I’ve become friends with “My Star Trek Scrapbook” and “Think McFly Think”, plus though some short interviews I’ve gotten to know Carl Sagan’s son Nick who’s a heck of a nice person, plus Syd Mead and Ben Bova.

    I’m real proud of my of my site. It’s come a long way from just sending out emails to my fellow Yahoo and Facebook science fiction groups to now embedding videos every week, and soundtracks and artwork. Believe it or not too, I’m averaging over 10,000 hits a month now, which blows me away! Anyway here’s my address if you want to check it out and if there’s anything I can ever assist you with, let me know.

    Jan LaFata
    SciFi News

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  4. Hello! I would love to use the fanart from the Movie review you did on the Mockingjay. Is there anyway you could lead to who actually created it?

    • Well, I tried looking through my Hunger Games Pinterest board and then did a couple other searches, but unfortunately could not find it again. Not sure why I didn’t source it the first time unless I just couldn’t find it back then either. Sorry!

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